Our Story (O&R)

As a young professional couple in medical and financial services, we find ourselves constantly staying busy with our crazy work schedules. At the same time health freaks, focusing on proper nutrition and staying fit and strong.

Over the past year, like the average couple, we started to have the “raising a family” conversation. So, we started asking our close friends and family questions about how they manage their busy schedules, juggling work life and their kids, while being such successful parents. As each one had their own story, one thing we found in common with every couple was each mother used silicone products in their home. We were curious to know why since were both after all health freaks. The general answers were, they love that silicone products were BPA free, super convenient for staying on the go - more importantly, encourages self-feeding for their kids which they found helped a lot. So, we tried several products out and they were right, we loved it and became obsessed with the BPA free lifestyle.

On the other hand, each couple including us wished there was an easier way to clean silicone because:

✓ The dish washer just wasn’t cutting it because it constantly left spots after washing
✓ using vinegar and hot water was a pain and not ideal
✓ All the products we tried kept leaving odors
✓ Soapy taste was left behind after washing

We thought hmmm… if every couple we know uses silicone, what if we could create a cleaning solution that gets rid of the problem? Then we asked ourselves, how would that change the lives of the everyday mother out there that has the same problem as our friends and family? How awesome would it be if we found something quick and easy for the everyday busy mom to clean their silicone products with? How Amaziya would that be as we laugh in hysterics at the name.

A year later, not only did we find a solution to the problem, we’re finally releasing a never seen before product to the world, specifically for you.

Amaziya's silicone cleaner, the first ever silicone cleaner invented. With a lot of hard work, determination and will, we cracked the code at problem solving a void in such a great BPA free industry. Now every mother can truly reap the benefits of silicone. We also developed a reputable and high-quality product line specifically for silicone products, so your family can enjoy the Amaziya lifestyle. From feeding bowls, bibs and cups, all the essentials for moms to feed their children… All the way down to meal prep containers, egg bites and chocolate molds for fun and healthy family eating, ice cube molds for drinks with friends and daily household cleaners that work and smell Amaziya….. we did it just for you mom!

The name Amaziya is for empowering the everyday super-busy mom that wakes up every day with the goal of being the best mother they can be for their family. Our mission is to expose our high-quality brand of products into every home for the everyday mother. We serve busy moms who take the time to be health conscious for the people they love most.

Amaziya promotes healthy eating for every family and a vibrant living lifestyle. For all of life's messes, you should give us a try.