Life Changing Hacks for Busy Moms

It is no doubt that when you are a mom, you are busy. You are juggling work, kids, house and activities. Many times you do not even know if you are coming or going. So with this busy lifestyle, what can you do to make things easier on you? Some simple tips and tricks can really ease the burden of being on the run all the time.

With your busy life, you need to multitask. This means you may need to eat while driving one of your kids to soccer practice. You want to create a shortcut or hack so you can accomplish your goals. Your goals include eating healthier and getting your kids to the correct places on time.

Snacking Hacks

One way to keep yourself on track when you are constantly moving is to keep a snack bag with you at all times. This little idea not only curves the hunger when it hits but also allows you to control what you eat. Another benefit from carrying your own snack bag is you do not need to make another stop to get something to eat.

Healthier choices are important today. So packing your own snack bag everyday will help you create healthier choices for you and your kids. You should consider packing things that will help calm the hunger until you get home for dinner. What does this mean? You will want to make sure you have things that will fill you up. Some of these things include water, protein, fruit and veggies. You also want foods that can easily be eaten on the go.

When you begin to pack you snack bag, some snack ideas include:


-Apple slices


-Protein bars


-Rice cakes

-Granola bars



-Cheese and crackers

One thing that you need to consider when packing your snack bag is your snacks need to travel well. You will want to pack things in either small containers or bags - which also helps with portion control. Your next consideration for your snack bag is whether you need to keep your snacks hot or cold. Your snack bag is going to be with you for the entire day, so packing yogurt without some type of ice pack is a bad idea.

Exercise Hacks

Always being on the go can mean you do not always take the time you need to exercise. So you need to come up with new ideas to include your exercises into your travels. But what can you do to really squeeze your exercise in?

Well the first thing you need to know is with all the running around how much you are actually moving. You should carry a pedometer with you so you know how many steps you are doing each day. Set a daily goal for the number of steps. If you see that you are not going to make your goal, you can park farther away from the entrance to the store. This will add more steps to your count for the day.

Another simple hack is you can start taking the stairs. Stair climbing is a great way to exercise. It not only helps build the strength in your legs but it also adds steps to your walking count.

A great multitasking tip is if you are waiting at one of your kids activities, use your time wisely. You can exercise while you are waiting. If there is no room to exercise in the building, go walk the parking lot. Sometimes you can even get another parent to tag along with you.

Hacks for Cleaning

When you have kids, there is no doubt you will have messes and clutter. The key here is you do not want the messes and clutter to get out of control. Keeping things under control will help you keep a cleaner house.

One thing you will want to try to limit these messes in the house. But what can you do to limit the mess? Well, first consider creating a “mess zone”. The mess zone is the only place where your kids can do arts and crafts, make and play with slime or playdough, or even play with toys with a million little pieces. This will help keep things centrally located in one area and you can focus your cleaning efforts there.

Another cleaning hack is to create time every night before the kids go to bed to pick up around the house. Get everyone in the house to help. This not only keeps organization in your home but helps you from having to clean everything yourself.

Yet another simple trick to help in cleaning is to keep cleaning wipes by every sink. This can really save time later because you can just quickly wipe down the sink and counter after you are done. Whoever is the last one done brushing their teeth needs to wipe out the sink and counter with a cleaning wipe.

Hacks for Parenting

Some of the biggest challenges in having a family are keeping schedules, discipline and rewarding good behavior. How do you keep everything straight and keep the kids in line?

First, you need to create a central calendar that shows all the activities, doctor’s appointments, school functions and other important dates. You then need to assign each family member a color. You will place that member’s activities on the calendar in only that color. This will allow you to see at a quick glance who has something going on that day and where they need to be. This is a great visual tool to help everyone at a quick glance.

Another struggle with kids is discipline. Kids will at some point do something wrong and will need to get disciplined. As a parent you need to remember to try and keep yelling down to a minimum. Your kids will respond better to you if you are stern but yell.

The other side of discipline is rewarding your kids for their good behavior. You should consider limiting the sweet treats to a minimum. Reward your kids with some of your time. Some of the reward time with you can include:

-Going to the playground.

-Reading an extra book at bedtime.

-Playing a game.

-Letting them choose an activity to do with you.

The extra time they spend with you doing something fun will reinforce the good behavior.

Beauty Shortcuts

Many times when you have a family you start to neglect your own needs. After a while you can start to feel down about yourself. One thing you need to remember is to take care of yourself. Do not be afraid to treat yourself. When you feel good about yourself it shows in everything you do.

Keeping your beauty routines helps keep your self-esteem up. One way to keep up on your beauty supplies is Birchbox. Birchbox will send you samples based on your beauty need every month for around $10. This is a great way to keep up on new beauty supplies and it comes right to your house.

Another great beauty hack is you can make some homemade beauty supplies. There are some simple ones that include using Vaseline on your lips to protect them like chapstick, making your own shampoo or using coconut oil on your skin.

Preparing Meals in Advance

With your constant running it is hard to make sure everyone is eating properly. So preparing your meals in advance is a great way to not only save time but also money. If you have something already prepared, you do not have to stop and pick something up on the way home.

Do not just prepare your dinner in advance. You can make your family’s breakfast and lunch the night before. This will really help you in the morning when you are trying to get everyone off to school.

Another great way to cook your meals ahead of time is your crockpot. There are some really great crockpot recipes out there. Just throw all your ingredients in turn it on and it is done when you get back home.

You may also want to consider preparing the meals for the week on the weekend and then freezing them. This will let you just pop them in the microwave or oven when you need them. It does take a little time to cook everything in one day but you will save time during the week.

No matter how busy you and your family is you need to remember there are ways out there to help you. The little tricks and tips can help you save time when things are beyond hectic. Do not forget to take time for you!